Secretary Role

The duties of a Show Secretary are to carry out the Management of the Dubbo Show Society as required by the Dubbo Show Committee in order to achieve the highest possible professional standard in organizing events taken on by the Dubbo Show Society, as it is a Not for Profit Organisation promoting agricultural excellence through competition, to engage, educate and entertain the Societies patrons and customers in a safe, controlled but dynamic and exciting environment.

The position is fulltime.

I have had 38 years’ service with the Show Society, 24 of these years as Secretary. 3rd generation show family. The Show Society is a place of commitment, but very enjoyable to be involved with. A rewarding experience to see a proud tradition the focal point of the community’s activities for the past 147 years.

First staged in 1872, the Dubbo Show has grown from small beginnings to become one of the major agricultural shows in NSW and is currently recognised as one of the top 5 shows in the state and the premier inland show. The history behind the Dubbo Show would create a great book.

The Show combines the traditional elements we all know and love with exciting exhibits and headline entertainment to keep people coming back time and time again.

Approximately 700 volunteers put together the show each year. With out the support and assistance from these wonderful people the show would not go ahead. Can you imagine having to pay staff to run a show? We would price ourselves out of business before we opened the gates. The Show Society is always looking for more volunteers. It encourages involvement with our youth, providing them with junior programs to participate in during the show and then encouraging them to become involved with the staging of the show. Our youth is the future of this proud tradition.

Shows today have seen and experienced a lot of changes. The constraints put on them with new rules and regulations put in place by Governments makes the task of staging a show a lot more difficult.        

The Show movement is one I am pleased to be involved with, the many people I have met and made friends with, I am sure would not have happened if not for being involved with the Show Society.  I thank the people that invited me to become a part of the Dubbo Show.  A show will take you any where, give you conversation with any one and also gives you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction in creating something for someone else’s enjoyment.  I would recommend everyone to become involved in their local Show.

 - Sue Hood